Peter J. Simmons

Producer Film-maker -   STEAM  Educator


About Us:

Peter is an inspiring film-maker and educator. He sold and produced $8,000,000 in video and TV projects and is currently in development of " The Zero Chief ," a film inspired by Native American philosophy.

His film " My House " won several international awards in the US and Europe. He won the New England gold and silver awards for his corporate film and video projects.

Peter was brought on to produce the international global film project for AGFA corporation. The film was shot in Eruope, Asia and the United States. 

Ethan Koplowitz - Assistant to the producer. 


Ethan is passionate about film and TV projects. He started his career as a chess champion and then brought that skill as a creative thinker to his work in meteorology. His love of complex systems and ideas, combined with his natural interest in climate change and green technology led him to an important question: How can we as a culture bring all constituents together to solve the biggest problem in history, climate change? His project " Go Green Connection " involves social media, film and TV.

Ethan works with local charities, hospitals and nursing homes to help create healthy environments for citizens.