Peter J. Simmons

Producer Film-maker -   STEAM  Educator


Peter Simmons is a science educator and film-maker. He teaches classes in film-making and STEAM  ( Science-Technology-Engineering-Art- Math) in New England. 

Mr. Simmons current classes include: 

Film-making for high-school and college students. In this inspiring three hour workshop, students will learn how to create a career in film and video. From getting the right education to becoming a freelancer and creating funding for a TV, YouTube or film project, students will learn the hands-on practicle steps to take. $49.95 per student includes workbook. 

STEM and roller skating field trips for schools. Elementary and middle school field trips include the lesson, skating and even lunch at our local venue.

Lessons include: Motion and Design, Music and Math, Sound and Acoustics, Science of Light, Health and Fitness, Formulas and Fractions and many more. 

Mr. Simmons SCHOOL and LIBRARY workshops are held at your school or library and include:

Elementary School: Grade 1-5 

Getting to Mars - This exciting hour workshop involves activities, interactive discussion and videos to take the children on an imaginative trip to Mars. Mr. Simmons works with resources from Astronauts and NASA for this workshop!

STEAM Workshops: These 1 hour workshops introduce various STEAM concepts to the children and include interactive projects. When booking a workshop we talk with the librarian or teacher to customize a workshop to your children's interests and grade level.

Each workshop has a mix of fun educational topics and hands on activities. Fun topics include:

Discussion of the STEAM of fidgit spinners, iphones, transformers and other toys. We show examples of scientists artists and mathmaticians that have effected the children's lives, people like Walt Disney and Steve Jobs for example. 

Activities may include projects like:

Drawing your own product design.

Creating a Transformer design.

Playing examples of sounds and making your own sounds.

Singing an original STEAM song. 

Looking at science concepts and doing a hands on activity.

Reading a bit about travel to Mars and planning your Mars "suitcase". 

Elementary School: Kindergarten 

Writing your own songs - In this interactive workshop Mr. Simmons sings songs and has the children come up with their own stories and characters and write their own songs! 

Middle School and High School

So you want to be a film-maker, from Star Wars to Marvel Comics - In this exciting hands on workshop Mr. Simmons introduces the students to all aspects of the film process from storyboarding to editing and animation. But more importantly, Mr. Simmons evaluates and comments on the students creative ideas for film projects and helps inspire their creativity. 

Prices for the in-school and library events range from $250 to $350 per workshop. ( Ask about Title 1 discounts )

Field trips prices depend on additions such as lunch, laser tag, skating and hours. Please call or write for specifics for your group. 

PS: We also have private parties, group training, incentives, holiday parties, tiny tot parties, holiday events, corporate and sporting events, scout events and more. 


Anne Cromwell, Principal - Ashby Elementary School:

" Mr. Simmons has worked with our elementary school. The students absolutely loved him. He worked very well with our students who are on the Autism Spectrum. He is soft spoken and has so many talents that the students just adore, especially his guitar playing. In our After-School program, where there are students of different grade levels, he is able to keep their attention all while providing a harmonious atmosphere. " 

Karen K. Parent:

"Mr. Simmons is fantastic with the kids. He brings out their creativity and inspires them to learn, all while having fun. The kids had such a blast in his class, just a delight for parents and children alike!"

Mr. Simmons teaches STEM edcuational workshops at schools, private events and libraries. For more information inquire below: