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Our mission is to help you create a successful career in film, TV, acting, YouTube or wherever your dreams take you. Your career in acting can start today. This is not a typical film school, but a place to learn how to build a career.

Peter Simmons, your coach and teacher, produced and directed over $10,000,000 in film and video. He built a freelance career and is currently producing a motion picture. His mission is to pass these career building skills on to you! 

Our Online Course

 Learn how to build a career in film, TV or acting. Each of our 7 modules is delivered about every two weeks and includes a video tutorial, workbook and interactive questions available by email or on our Facebook group.

You will learn what you need to know to get going to find the job of your dreams or build a freelance business. The course is designed to help you find your own path and follow it. We will give you the step-by-step guide to be a success. 

Our Programs

Our programs include online courses, ebooks and newsletters with one goal, to help you succeed.  From building a freelance business, to creating an acting career or producing an independent feature film, we will provide you with the education, tools and resources to create the career of  your dreams. 


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