Online course: How to create a career in film, TV or acting.

About the course


You know your craft and you are ready to change the world. Now what? How do you get a job in film, get a job in acting or find modeling jobs? We will teach you how!

Or if you want to start a business or go freelance, we have done it all and will share our secrets with you. 

In this course you will learn everything you need to know  to find the job of your dreams, create the job of your dreams or build a freelance business. The course is designed to help you find your own path and follow it. We will give you the step-by-step guide to your career.  Peter Simmons, Executive Producer, is your guide. 

How is Mr. Simmons qualified to teach this class?

Mr. Simmons taught FilmTV at Harvard University, Concord Academy and now in private venues around New England. He knows there are great film/TV and acting classes around the world. You can learn your craft and your art but there is no one teaching you how to build a career. Mr. Simmons has done it all and learned every step of the way. You do not have to repeat his mistakes and learn on your own the hard way. He will guide you every step of the way.

Here are some of his credentials:
Launched a film/TV business and sold and produced $10,000,000 in production.
Produced a pilot episode for public television.
Raised $25,000 to produce a PBS pilot and $30,000 for script development.
Created a motion picture script and delivered it to Disney Cable.
Won international film festival awards around the world.
Built a successful freelance business from home.
Produced video programs for Fortune 500 companies and traveled around the world.

Mr. Simmons learned some great lessons and honed his skills as a producer, business owner and freelancer. Now he wants to pass this information along to you. Get ready.

Content of the class:

Module 1- Course overview. Which career path will you choose? What do you need to know?

Module 2- Designing your career. Make the plan. Change the plan and grow.

Module 3- It's who you know and who they know. The keys to tracking your connections.

Module 4- Show me the money. Selling yourself and keeping true to your values.

Module 5- Now what? All the steps you need to know to make progress everyday.

Module 6- Vision for the future. Where are you heading? How will you get there? Next steps.

Module 7- Your vision. Your custom plan for your career. Keeping it true.


George Teshu - Artist

Peter has been a great help in  my career as a visual artist. He insists on thinking big about me and my career!

Anne C.

 Mr. Simmons has worked with our  school young people. The students absolutely loved him. He is soft spoken and has so many talents that the students just adore.  

Janice Ryan - Film Student

 Mr. Simmons is fantastic with us. He brings out our creativity and inspires us to learn, all while having fun. I had such a blast in his class, just a delight! 

Bob Talus - Filmmaker

The skills he teaches in this class are invaluable. From research to getting funding, he covers it all. Fantastic!

Jane B.

Peter is helpful in all areas of my business and career. He helps with social media marekting, sales, funding... the whole nine yards!

Cathy B.

As an actress, I find it very difficult to get gigs. Peter taught me everything I needed to know. Building a connection with a list and social media. How to present myself and how to find out what the producer wants. Fabulous.

Online course: How to get a job in film, acting and TV (or go freelance)


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The course is created to give you seven powerful modules. Each module is delivered about every two weeks and includes a video tutorial, workbook and interactive questions available by email or on our Facebook group.